以卓越的声誉和教育未来的领导者, we strive to broaden our scope and explore a variety of highly relevant and fascinating topics as we introduce our students, 家庭, 以及社区中其他在各自领域的领导者. 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 is pleased to welcome the following guests to campus during our 2023-2024 系列讲座:

乍得布若克韦 - 2023年12月5日,星期二
 乍得布若克韦, 埃奇沃斯安保公司的情报行动总裁, 会在12月5日访问十大网络彩票平台大全吗, 2023, 参加一个关于社交媒体和新兴技术安全的成人研讨会. 
Chad’s discussion will include best practices regarding students’ use of technology and social media. 他将研究与社交媒体相关的风险,比如依赖, 错误的角色, 欺凌, 身份盗窃, 认为匿名, 以及无意的结果. He will also touch on data brokers, cyber predators, viruses, metadata, and cyber-stalking. The adult workshop will include guidance on creating an open and honest environment for discussing these topics in your home.
在加入埃奇沃斯安保团队之前, Chad spent three years working in Counterintelligence for the Department of Defense and eight years with the FBI’s Cyber Division, as well as five years in the US Marine Corps serving as a Military Police Officer assigned to the Marine One Helicopter Squadron and the White House Liaison Office. He is considered an expert in emerging technologies and has received numerous awards, 包括联邦调查局局长奖和总统服务徽章. 
  • : All members of the SA community and the general public are invited to this session on Tuesday, 12月5日, 2023, 下午6:30.m. 
  • 在哪里:格雷格剧院
  • 参加是免费的. 座位先到先得,建议预约. 请回复 在这里.
  • A next-day session will be held for all SA students in the Middle and Senior Schools.

作为演讲者, 教练, 导演, 和老师, 马克·弗里曼与学生和运动员一起工作, instilling within them not only the mental foundations of success and the motivation to achieve, 但也有可行的策略,使他们能够成长, 改善, 并蓬勃发展. 马克是一位广受好评的主讲人,他提供了原则, 策略, and fundamentals that help people and organizations create the results they seek. She will be speaking to Middle and Senior School students about leadership and skill development, and how to welcome challenges as opportunities and become “captains of their ships.欢迎家长、教职员工参加.

匹兹堡CLO英雄画廊- 2024年3月15日星期五
A cast from Pittsburgh’s CLO 英雄画廊 will bring a performance of “The Incredibly Innovative Innovators of Pittsburgh” to campus for the enjoyment and education of our students and community. Take a journey in a time machine as we explore Pittsburghers’ brilliant contributions to the past, 现在, 和未来的. From the launch of the environmental movement with Rachel Carson and Jonas Salk’s development of the Polio vaccine to professional football‘s first game in America and the inventions of the Big Mac and banana split, members of the audience become part of the action meeting legends like playwright August Wilson and heart transplant pioneer Dr. Thomas Starzl in this lively and informative 45-minute musical that concludes with a glimpse into the infinite possibilities and genius that lives in each of us. 由匹兹堡企鹅基金会资助, 梅西慈善信托基金, 以及其他组织, 匹兹堡CLO的 英雄画廊 program travels to area 学校 to educate and enlighten students about the lives and accomplishments of significant historical figures through mini-musicals. 欢迎家长,教师和工作人员参加.

艾森豪威尔学院演讲- 2024年4月24日星期三
The Eisenhower Series College Program is a United States Army War College outreach program that exposes intellectually curious audiences, 他们对军事没有什么直接的了解, 献给那些在国家安全部门工作多年的男男女女. 每年, 不同的, 小组成员组成的小团队访问了不同的大学, 学校, 以及他们在全国的社区. The Army War College student body includes senior military officers of the Army, 海军, 海军陆战队, 空军, 和海岸警卫队, 还有外国官员, and senior civilian managers of federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of the Army.

今年,十大网络彩票平台大全欢迎Seanna M. 查顿, 美国陆军, Personnel (AG); Lt Colonel Jon Shea, 美国太空部队, Acquisition; and Lt Colonel Wade Smith, 美国空军预备队, 飞机维修主任. 随着中国实力的增强, it appears to be challenging the international norms that the United States helped establish at the end of World War 2, 这加剧了两国之间的紧张关系. Join senior officers as they share their thoughts about various security challenges in the Indo-Pacific and space and a couple of fundamental advantages the US still has.

50多年了, The Eisenhower Institute Speakers has consisted of a joint cohort of military officers and national security professionals who travel the nation to introduce War College students to audiences that may have little direct knowledge of the military. Their goal is to have reasoned and thoughtful discussions with the society they serve and protect. The hallmark of the Eisenhower Series is the candid exchange between the experienced military officers and the members of the audience.
  • : All members of the SA community and the general public are invited to this session on Wednesday, 4月24日, 2024, 下午6点.m. 
  • 在哪里:格雷格剧院
  • 参加是免费的. 座位先到先得,建议预约. 发请帖 在这里.

TEDxYouth events are independently organized TEDx events focused on youth and young adults. TEDx活动是本地的, self-organized gatherings w在这里 TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. 这些活动特别迎合了年轻观众, often featuring speakers who are young themselves or who address topics relevant to youth interests, 担忧, 和观点. These events aim to inspire and empower young people to share their ideas and engage with important issues in their communities and the world.

2024年 TEDxYouth@SewickleyAcademy 将于2024年5月11日举行,主题为“韧性的根本重要性”.演讲者包括:

Christine Shambach, PNC银行并购部主管
Valarie Gaydos,宾夕法尼亚州代表
Parag Batavia,机器人企业家和Neya Systems的创始人
Heather Terrell,专业作家
Sebastian Tan, 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金11年级学生
  • 人: All members of the SA community and the general public are invited to this event
  • 当: 2024年5月11日星期六上午9:30.m.
  • 地点: 十大网络彩票平台大全雷亚礼堂
  • 门票: 鼓励回复. 门票可以预订 在这里.

请联系活动协调员Jess Revtai (jrevtai@sewickley).org),有任何十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金的演讲系列的问题.