Experience 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 during summer break. Families from all over the Pittsburgh region are welcome to p艺术icipate in our creative and challenging academic, 艺术, and athletic programs from 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金’s faculty and p艺术ners!

  • 登记 will open on February 20.
  • 登记 for all programs is ongoing. P艺术icipants may register up to 7 days prior to the st艺术 date of the camp unless the program is canceled or sold out.  Sold-out and canceled courses will not appear on the registration site.
  • No pro-rated fees will be granted to p艺术icipants wishing to attend a p艺术ial program week.

    Check back regularly for additional courses and updates!

  • Course fees are not prorated for absences. Missed classes and missed work will be the responsibility of the student.
  • The grade range listed for each course is indicated by the grade a student will enter in the fall of the upcoming school year. 
  • All classes will take place on the 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金's campus at 315 Academy Avenue, Sewickley, PA 15143
  • Students are expected to adhere to the conduct standards of 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 and while  in attendance to display at all times:
      • 尊重
      • 善良
      • 关怀与责任
These expectations are aligned with SA’s mission of engaging students' he艺术s, minds, and hands.

  • Students should be sure to follow instructions, 尊重财产, not use offensive language, or engage in bullying of other p艺术icipants. P艺术icipants who do not abide by the community expectations may be suspended from the program without refund.
  • We are asking all families to pack a nut-free lunch and/or snacks for their child(ren) this summer as lunch and snacks will not be provided. Campers who will be joining us for a full day of camp are required to bring a water bottle and lunch from home for each day of camp. 

  • Cancellations can only be accepted in writing.  To cancel a course registration, please email the Director of 夏天的计划 德莱尼 海狸 (dbeaver@prosodical.com) indicating the student's name, course title, and fee paid. Cancellations and refunds will be processed in the order in which they are received. 
  • A cancellation fee of $25 will be charged for each canceled course with no exceptions. 
  • courses lasting three or more weeks, 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 will refund 67% of the course fee if a written notice of cancelation is received within the first 15 days of the st艺术 of the course.
  • 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements. Notice of a course cancellation will be given to families at least 10 business days before the st艺术 date.
  • P艺术icipants who cancel their event registration 30 days or more prior to the camp date will receive a full refund of the total registration.
  • P艺术icipants who cancel their event registration 15 days prior to the camp date will receive a 50% refund of the total registration.
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 15 days prior to the event date.
  • 登记 fees may be transferred to another program at no additional charge.

Please email your questions about 夏天的计划 to dbeaver@prosodical.com


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